Work spectrum

Professional complete solutions according to your specifications

We have made a name for ourselves as a reliable service provider in the many years we have cooperated with our customers and faced the changing requirements of the markets. We compile a complete work package according to your requirements and processes. You can expect this from us:

  • Simultaneous engineering
  • Project management and supervision
  • Product solutions and quality management
  • Support by purchasing and sales
  • Professional handling in logistics & transport
  • Comprehensive solutions from one source

Production planning & construction

Efficiency from development to product realisation

Planning, realisation and implementation are the three major steps in each customer order. This is because the development process precedes production. To design this efficiently, a network of specialists and work areas has been created. Our high performance is based on the efficient interaction of specialised technical departments.

• Activities aligned with APQP standards
• FEM simulation of Forming Processes with Simufact
• CAD systems (SolidWorks)
• Eight planners and process designers
• Material experts for material selection & annealing processes
• Development time for standard components about three to four months

Process chain

All services from one source

Cotarko is much more than an industrial forge or metalworking company. The technological experts from the Cologne-based company together provide each customer with a work package, of which the actual production admittedly constitutes a large part, but which also covers various additional areas.

In a nutshell, Cotarko’s technical departments represent a complete process chain through their interaction in the interests of the customer. Thanks to the cooperation of our specialist departments and work areas, we provide you with comprehensive advice and care from product development to assembly.

Individual service offers

Your reliable partner for the special development and testing of your forged products

Tool manufacture

Cotarko’s own tool manufacture covers a wide range of accompanying technologies for heat forming. We are at your disposal with our expertise for consulting and tool manufacture.


Material and component testing

Cotarko is also your material science expert for advice and testing of your forged parts. With our extensive laboratory equipment, we also create special samples and measurements with various quality test methods depending on customer requirements.


Heat treatment

Cotarko has been a specialist in the field of heat treatment of forged products for the automotive industry and in heat treatment for many years. We are happy to offer our customers a suitable heat treatment for their products.

We look forward to your inquiry about our services!

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