Customer satisfaction – Innovation – Team work

Customer orientation
In all of our actions, we never forget the customer to whom our services are directed and what he or she expects. Consequently, customer satisfaction is always at the heart of all we strive for.

Team spirit
The employees of our company see themselves as team members who provide each other with mutual support and are determined to be successful together.

We express our appreciation in treating each other fairly and with respect. Technical subjects are discussed purely on an objective basis. We set great store by communicating with each other appropriately and acknowledging the performance of each team member.

Positive debate culture
For us, a positive debate culture means we are ready to understand disputes as an opportunity, as something positive. Objectively conducted disputes can contribute to finding good solutions together.


Certified quality and the latest testing technology far exceeding what is standard

Quality assurance exceeding the acknowledged standards is the advantage Cotarko offers its customers. In the high-tech forge in Cologne, monitoring processes are not confined to downstream inspections in the test room and laboratory. Instead, quality assurance is a supportive process that can be found in each phase of production.

Cotarko has reached a standard in testing technologies that far exceeds the customary industry scope. Hence the company may rightly describe itself as a pioneer. The advanced measuring technology which accompanies production at Cotarko and ensures its success in the interests of the customer includes:

  • Optical 3D measuring technology for spline milled products and turned shafts
  • Image processing technology for rotationally symmetrical forging blanks
  • 3D coordinate measurement for self-monitoring in machining / in the semihot sector
  • 100% automatic testing and straightening technology for spline milled products
  • Magna flux technology for 100% testing of wheel hubs
  • Eddy current testing for 100% crack control in processed wheel hubs
  • 100% automatische Prüftechnik

Environmental protection

The earth belongs to all of us; we bear our share of responsibility.

To meet our environmental guiding principle we have committed ourselves to produce our products environmentally friendly and sustainable. In addition, we are pursuing independent environmental and energy objectives.

Our engagement in the field of Environmental and Energy Management at a glance:

  • Certification according to ISO 14001 (environmental management system) since 1998
  • Certification according to ISO 50001 (energy management system) since 2012
  • Annual testation of the environmental and energy management by Lloyd’s register
  • 3-annual recertification of ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 by LRQA
  • We produce with “green electricity” from Norwegian hydroelectric plants
  • Ongoing improvement in regards of water savings, energy savings, waste reduction and disposal
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