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Herzlich Willkommen bei Cotarko


Hot forming
treatment processes
according to your specifications
Heat treatment

The workpieces are heated slowly and thoroughly in all annealing processes. The various processes which serve to set the desired material properties for use or prepare for subsequent processing (forming or machining) differ through:
• Annealing temperature
• Annealing duration
• Type of cooling
• Sequence of different heat treatment steps
The component characteristics regarding hardness, strength and grain spacing quality are guaranteed by the various heat treatment processes in cooperation with our customers. We can offer the following processes:
• Normalising
• Quenching and tempering
• Annealing
• BG-annealing
• Controlled cooling from forge heat



production line
for machining
Mechanical processing

Under certain circumstances, the stage in the process chain at the end of which the precision part the customer wants is ready, may not yet have been reached with the various forming technologies. For this reason, Cotarko has made large investments in machining processing technology.

Machinery: Emag, Rasoma, Karl Klink, Chiron




24 machines

Gear wheels (Pre-machining)
Shafts (Pre-machining)
Wheel hubs (ready-to-install)

Turning, broaching, drilling,
pressing, crack testing

Special features:
• Complete production line for machining, especially in wheel hub production
• Pre-machining of gear wheels and shafts is possible in our company