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Ring rolling


Slogan Sub

Ring Rolling
for producing
seamless ring gears
Ring rolling

The ring roller process is realised as a combination process in the temperature range of 1100°C – 1250°C. A process combination of blocking and radial and axial rolling permits seamless production of complex ring gears for the gear differential.

Machinery: maxi-press, multi-pin radial roller and axial die-forging roller


Max. Ø forging
Max. forging height
Rolling force
Revolutions per roller 

3 machines

16000 kN
280 mm
80 mm
1250 kN

Special features:
• Rolling blanks can be designed with low allowance as finished part
• Especially good surface quality through rolling process
• Unfinished surfaces = finished surfaces can be taken into account on the product
• Environmentally friendly process thanks to low material use